Sex and Happiness talking points

One of the keys to sex and happiness is having a good functioning relationship. That is the foundation for having a sustainable sizzling sex life.

To have a good relationship is like being good at flying an airplane. You first have to understand how the airplane works and what its features are and what its limitation are. What we mean by that is you first have to understand how your body works and then how your partners body works. That’s where knowing the effect of the hormones in our bodies come into play. If you know that you partner is behaving in a certain way because they are being driven by their hormones, then you won’t take it personally and get upset about it causing separation in the relationship. Separation in the relationship does not lead to sex and happiness.

As you know testosterone dominates male behavior as estrogen dominates female behavior. Oxytocin affect both men and women but women have ten times more than men.

Ladies first. If she is of child bearing age and having menstrual periods her behavior is strongly affected by which hormones are being generated during each part of her cycle. After she stops bleeding she begins to generate estrogen and testosterone both peak around day 15. That is when she is in estrus or heat. She will want sex and be the hottest then. Also the most fertile. From day 15 to 22 her hormones testosterone and estrogen decrease and progesterone increases, which mellows her out. After that all hormone production stops and she is pre-menstrual. We tell our clients to mark their calendars so they know where they stand on the cycle. This is important for men as well. We have a chart in out book that breaks it down day by day.