45+, Boomer & Senior Dating

What Do Boomers and Seniors Need To Know About Dating?

The need for love, companionship, and connection is enduring. Many boomers and seniors find himself or herself single due to divorce or the death of a mate. So why not reach out and create a fulfilling relationship? And sizzling sex if you want it? What’s stopping you? Some reasons are:

  • Thinking it’s too late to find a loving partner
  • Thinking you look old and unattractive, and no one will want you
  • Being turned off by past relationships
  • Thinking relationships are too much trouble
  • Being worried that your health issues will turn your partner off
  • Not wanting to take care of someone with health issues
  • Thinking sex issues due to aging will turn your partner off

We’re here to tell you that there is someone for everyone. I met Frank when I was 60 and he was 69. About a year later, I had cancer and he was by my side throughout very harsh chemo treatment. I lost all my hair, and went down to 93 pounds. Needless to say, I was not at my attractive best. Yet, here we are today, sharing our lives, loving each other and helping each other and, hopefully, you to grow.

Whatever your age or your reasons are for being single, you’re older and smarter and more capable than you ever were of picking a good partner and making a relationship work. The more you know, the better equipped you are to find Mr. or Ms. Right. Here are some important points you need to understand about this phase of life: 45+, Boomer & Senior Gender Tips. Also take a look at: Gender Tips and Are You Single Aiming for Love?

We Can Help

We’re experts on 45+, boomer and senior dating. Frank specializes in helping men of all ages achieve sizzling sex and lasting relationships. Call Judith or Frank at 310-395-1088 for the counseling or coaching you need to succeed.

Our book, So THAT’S Why They Do That! Men Women And Their Hormones has chapters on andropause and peri and postmenopause that specifically addresses what you need to know about boomer and senior dating.

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