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Intimacy – The Power of Into Me You See

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If you want the most fulfilling, deepest relationship, you need to start with open, honest communication and mutual trust. That creates intimacy, the longed for closeness that connects you and your mate’s truest selves. Intimacy is being emotionally naked. It means revealing and being seen and accepted for who you really are. Intimacy doesn’t necessarily [...]

10 Reasons Why Married Sex is Hot

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By Judith Claire Having done love, sex and relationship counseling in Los Angeles for 34 years, I’m well aware of the conflicts married people have regarding sex. I also know the problems singles have.  Usually, when a relationship is good, and couples can communicate , their sex life is rich, fulfilling and strengthens their love. [...]

Bondage, Fantasy & Fifty Shades of Grey

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Have you read Fifty Shades of Grey? The book is a cultural phenomenon. Women everywhere are reading it and talking about it. This new “mommy porn” follows the classic romance novel formula: a virgin girl is ‘captured’ and seduced by a powerful man, who she in turn tames. What makes this book different? The use [...]