Jet fighters only carry enough fuel to fly an hour and a half to two hours at most. If you want to fly for a longer time you have to do in-flight refueling, which requires special skills. Men are often asking how they can have their erections last longer and prolong intercourse. The average time a man spends erect in intercourse ranges between 3-5 minutes. With training and practice you can learn to last for over an hour. Here are some things you can do. Masturbate to find your edge point and train yourself to come back from the edge. Do PC clenching exercises. Get your hormone levels checked. Watch your diet and be sure to exercise. Stop smoking and drinking. Consider some herbal supplements: ginseng and yohimbe. Some intercourse positions that will help you last longer are: missionary with her legs together, cowgirl with her rocking back and forth – grinding, and spoon, rear entry.