To be a top gun fighter pilot requires intelligence, courage, commitment, rigorous training, continual practice, expertise, and constant striving for excellence. Being a top lover demands the same.

Top Gun Love: A Fighter Pilot’s Manual for Sizzling Sex and Romantic Relationships shows men and women who want to have a more fulfilling, loving sexual relationship how to achieve their highest potential.

Top Gun Love coaches the ones who need coaching the most: the men. Written in a male friendly format of a jet fighter manual, the book is illustrated with stories and anecdotes of a combat fighter pilot. These stories are direct allegories to sexual relationships.

Women, often have a hard time getting their resistant mates to read them. Top Gun Love makes it easy with a winning selling point: a fighter pilot shows men how to get more sex. It connects with male readers who are interested in learning the secrets of becoming an expert lover and with female readers who want lasting relationships, as well as greater sexual intimacy.

To have consistent great sex, you have to have a great relationship. To have a great relationship you have to know how you operate, how your partner operates and how you both operate together. By offering clear and concise explanations of how and why men and women act the way they do, Top Gun Love provides the foundation for satisfying sex and enduring relationships. Even with this understanding there may be something lacking. Many people want to be more spiritual but don’t know how to make sex and relationship sacred. Top Gun Love shows them how.

Although there are lots of relationship books, sex manuals and books explaining gender from a scientific point of view, none are as comprehensive. With a spiritual slant, Top Gun Love combines sex tips, relationship guidance, in depth analysis of the latest research into male and female brain and biochemistry. Ultimately this book will become a reference guide for all couples.

A synergistic fusion of Frank’s fighter pilot background and extensive study of love, sex and relationship with Judith Claire’s 31 years of counseling has produced this valuable resource in a truly original presentation.

Frank and Judith walk the walk. They have used the tools and techniques of this book to create the love life of their dreams. It is their desire to share the wisdom of their experience with others who want to find the same bliss.