This is a trick question because both apply. The Law of Attraction tells us that like unto itself will be drawn. That means you are most likely to attract someone that is like you in social status, maturity, intelligence and common interests.

Where opposites attract comes into play is with the masculine and feminine energies that each of us possess. Usually, but not always, the one in the male body will have more masculine sexual energy than the one in the female body. It doesn’t matter who has which as long as there is enough difference to create the passionate chemistry.

These two energies are like poles of a magnet and the difference is what creates the sexual passion in the relationship. If both partners have strong masculine energy you have buddies. If both have strong feminine energies — girl friends. The difference in the polarity is what gives us the sizzling sex we like so much. If the man has strong feminine energy and the woman strong masculine energy — party on.

With that in mind it’s not a good idea to turn your partner into something they are not. As a guy, I have to support my woman in doing all the girlie things I’m not really interested in. I encourage her to go shopping and see chick flicks with her girl friends. When I sometimes act in ways that displease her, I try to gently remind her that I’m a guy, and not a rude muscled up woman. Women are often just as mystified about the way men behave as we are about the way they behave, and the way they react to what we think are simple things.

In the, like-attracts-like department, if we choose a partner that is too dissimilar it can lead to problems down the road. The passionate chemistry that evolves from the opposing sexual energies will eventually burn out and then difficulties can ensue. If we become too much alike, the chemistry will disappear and the sizzling sex along with it. — Frank