Frank Wiegers

If you’re single, I have powerful processes
to help you choose the right mate.

If you’re in a relationship,
I have processes that will bring you deep joy and connection on a sustainable basis.

  • Are you worn down with constant conflict in your relationship?
  • Is your sex life unfulfilling and unsatisfying?
  • Do you have a hard time communicating with your partner?
  • Are you single but ready to find the love of your life?

Resolving conflict in relationship can be one of the most challenging things we do in our lifetime. Conflict will always arise in relationship, it’s how you deal with it that makes the difference. We can minimize the pain and maximize the results so everybody wins.

Sex is a complicated issue and one of the biggest wounds in our culture. Creating powerful OMG sexual experiences on a regular basis takes training and practice. I can guide you to a life of bliss and ecstasy.

Understanding the differences in how men and women are built and how their hormones drives them is the key to better communication. We wrote an award winning book, “So That’s Why They Do that Men, Women And Their Hormones.” That will open up whole new channels for you.

If you’re single and really ready to find your soulmate, I have the most amazing program that will guide you step by step to the love of your life. I can give you the tools and the confidence to attract and keep your soulmate at any age. I did it in my 60s and I can show you how.

I have been involved in the men’s movement and working with men, individually and in groups for over 25 years and as an ex fighter pilot, I love the top gun metaphor. Top guns pilots are courageous men and women who totally commit themselves to being the best they can be. They never stop studying and practicing to achieve excellence. What if you did that for your love life? How amazing would that be?

There is no need to keep suffering but if you don’t do something it will only get worse.

Let’s get you going on a new chapter in your life.  So call now. 310-337-2701