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It seem like we’re always looking for something to give a boost. In jet fighters we had an afterburner that would boost engine thrust by almost 50%. Some might be looking for something that might give libido a boost; I found an article that talked about herbal supplements for the libido. Herbal supplements might be [...]

Women on Top

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A recent article in “Men’s Health’ states that women are becoming more assertive in the bedroom and in other areas of the household.  Women now know what they want and aren’t afraid to ask for it. Some men now say they are feeling pressured to have more sex than they want. These men may be [...]

A Man’s Guide to Getting Her Out of Her Head and Back Into Bed!

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"Why doesn't she seem interested?" Something a lot of people don’t realize, including the pilots who fly the planes, is that it takes an average of 29 man hours of maintenance to turn the plane around between sorties.  That translates into transition time from one flight to another.  Relationships, and especially women, are the same. [...]

Love Hotel Venusgarden Promises a Better Sex Life |

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via Inside Sweden's saucy "love hotel" Offers services including an orgasm coach Owner claims "we all need stimulation" The entries in the guestbook of the Venusgarden guesthouse near Skurup, in south Sweden, tell a happy story. "The night for us was filled with exciting surprises. It was beautiful, wonderful and full of new knowledge." [...]

Couples… Turn Off the TV & Turn On Romance!

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One of the biggest complaints couples have is that they don’t have time for romance, to be intimate, or to make love.  But, like anything worth doing, relationships require time and a little effort to be great. I recently read that we have about 37 hours of leisure time each week and instead of sharing [...]